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December 2011
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penpal_wanted [userpic]
Here Again.

After some months away from this site, Im back again.
I needed to reconnect with myself, and I love what that time has given me, or what I did.
+ Im a Vegan now, I always wanted to be.
+ I have lost some weight, I feel more healthy I think.
+ I have read an absoutly boring book, but Im stubborn, and would not let myself "throw it away" and start on a new one. I need to think in words too, and not only in scenes and pictures.

I hope to find som real and selfconfident penpal, somebody which I have a lot in common with.

Female offcause (or born female.)

Adventurous (Curious about people, and really want to be in my life, but in the penpal-kind-of-way.)
NOT: Homophobic, Cruel to Animals, Hunter, Republican.... You get the picture....

I HOPE THAT YOU ARE INTO: Reading (fiction and maybe more), Animal Welfare, GayRights, Human Rights, Vegetarism or Veganism, DIY.... And if im lucky then also: Piercings, tattoos and other bodymodification.

Dont write me, if you have nothing good to write.

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted