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Inside my head



Bebeath I will give you some info,
but thats from my head, not from yours....

Looner, animal-friend, VEGAN (since 5 September 2011, and proud.),
comfortable at home, Female, whatever that is. 27 years old. Cat-mom.
Vegan. Happily Married. Possessive. Not special. Truecrime. I like
bodymodification. I like alternative styles. Think for yourself!
Serialkillers. NOT religious. Photos. Creativity. Introvert.
Monogamous. Animal friend. Penpal/"letterfriend". Clumsy. Bi-serious.

Im not the kind of "go-to-bars-and-drink-my-brain-out" type.

I have a dark, ironic,
sarcastic and perverse sense of humor.

I dont like: Drama, whining, nonsence,
animal cruelty, Bullys and more.