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December 2011
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penpal_wanted [userpic]
Rarely showing my Emotional side....

I rarely show my emotional side to people, but when I think that somebody is being bullyed or done wrong, and I care for that person or have some sort of positive feelings towards them, I will show and say whatever I mean. And I did.

I don't usually sorround myself with people, It hurts too much. I don't forgive, because I think that forgiveness is just going to end up with another dissapointment. Its dark and maybe sad, but thats what I have learned.

No friends?
What is a friend?

My husband is my best friend, hes everything that is positive in my life, everything that holds me together. If It was'nt for him I would have falled into the everdarkened shadow-mindscape.
I don't fall. Hes my strength, and hes helping me to find strength in myself.

I don't want to be that person, that looks back at my life, and blame "all the others", I want to live and learn. I want love, and I have it. Im very lucky!

The family that matter is the one you choose when you grow up, and not necessarily the family you grow up with!

I don't know what people does in a friendship, and what is expected. I don't know how friends hang out, and what they talk about, but I want to learn and know.

I want everything good to be everlasting!
I have lost enough, but I have gaines so much more.

I don't own the right to this photo, but I like it!

Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable

You are a true friend to me :)
I am working on my response to your letter. Sorry it's taking a while.


I want you to take your time:)
You are amazing and loveable.